Lisa was the birth doula for the birth of my second baby. She helped me during pregnancy, at the birth itself and with regular postnatal work and babysitting. I found Lisa really easy to talk to and very supportive and practical. 

I found it easy and fun to plan the birth with Lisa, and knowing that I had her help definitely made me a lot more relaxed and confident. We planned a home birth and amazingly everything went to plan. Lisa was a very calm, encouraging and practical presence throughout. She helped me get ready for the birth, looked after my 2 year old son before and during labour and did a brilliant job after the birth sorting stuff out so we could focus on the baby. I think its partly due to Lisa that my son had such a great reaction to the baby when she arrived. I think Lisa also helped the midwife, as it was her first home birth and she was on her own after being used to working in a team.   

Having Lisa's help after the birth was a bit of a lifesaver. It was great to have the benefit of her experience and knowledge about young babies, particularly as my second baby had reflux and a lot of trouble sleeping. She was really helpful and supportive when I was struggling to cope and always had a suggestion or an idea that might help. She is brilliant with my son, very enthusiastic and creative and he always has fun with her. 

I would definitely recommend Lisa as a birth or postnatal doula. 

Cara, mum of Jonty (2) and baby Eagan

Having the support of my post-natal doula Lisa was a fantastic experience. She enabled me to rest and bond with my baby and prevented that loss of control feeling you sometimes have as a new mother.  She was always there to support me emotionally and made me feel that everything was ‘normal’.  She also helped with the initial problems I had with breastfeeding.

Joanne, mum of Alex (15), Annelise (5) and baby Lilia

In March and April 2009, Lisa helped me to look after my newborn baby and my 12 month old baby. She was brilliant at feeding, changing and bathing them, playing with my older child and making him - and me - home-cooked food. It was soon clear that my 12 month old really liked Lisa and it was great to have her around every day. She also looked after me with tact and caring, was always prompt, polite and friendly, and did all the household and baby-orientated tasks I asked of her with a smile. I could not have done without the services of Lisa and would recommend her as a post-natal doula to anyone in need of an efficient extra pair of hands during those tough first few weeks of having a newborn at home.

Nicola, mum of Sam (1) and baby Reece

Lisa is a great ambassador for doulas.  She helped me through a few very stressful weeks with newborn twins when I already had a busy toddler and recovery from an emergency caesarean to contend with. She was a ray of light in our lives which were thrown into chaos with the arrival of twins.  I felt calmer, more capable and less fazed with Lisa around and once she left.  She always gave great advice without ever being judgmental. She was willing to help in any way she could, from hanging out washing to running errands but I most enjoyed our chats over cups of tea while I breastfed the girls and when she took them out to give me a much needed break or sleep.  She has an air of calm about her which is happily contagious.  I never felt like there was a stranger in our home as she fitted in from the word go.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  Emma, mum of baby Daisy and Harriet

Lisa was a great support to me and my twin girls.  She listened to me and helped me feel I could just get things off of my chest.  She was brilliant, as soon as she walked in the door she took over and I could relax and sleep.  She carried out all the chores that were requested of her and even when I thought there was nothing to do, she found something that needed attending to.  She also looked after my girls overnight while my partner and I went out for dinner.  I felt totally confident and enjoyed my evening even more knowing the girls were in good hands.

Karen, mum of baby Ellen and Katie