My Postnatal Doula Service

As a postnatal doula I will be there to help facilitate a smooth transition to becoming a new mother.  Sometimes just listening with a non judgemental ear is the most powerful aspect of postnatal work.

I am very passionate about postnatal doula support.  The early weeks can be overwhelming and to have a friendly, understanding and supportive doula can be invaluable.

I think society today often encourages mothers to get back to a normal day-to-day routine as soon as they have given birth.  In many cultures women are encouraged to spend days in bed, to rest and bond with their baby (babymoon).  I enable new mothers to spend that special time with their new baby by taking some of the day-to-day burdens away from them.

What support can I provide?

I can help with all aspects of breast and bottle feeding and will help to create a nurturing, restful atmosphere.  I will encourage you to look after your own baby by giving you time to do so. 

I can give practical help with looking after siblings or the baby so you can rest. I can also help with the smooth integration of the baby into the new family.   I can do light housework, run errands, cook your evening meal or prepare baby food for older children or just help with the babies room and clothes or anything that you think will make your life easier. 

I can also help with siblings and the jealously and rivalry that sometimes can occur when a new baby comes into the household.

I typically start by working more hours in the first few weeks and then slowly reducing these as you become more confident and settled in your new role.  I typically start about a week or two after the baby is born (after the partner has gone back to work).  I can also provide an earlier service where I pick you up from hospital with the new baby and/or meet you when you arrive home and spend the first few hours/days/weeks helping you get settled.