My Breastfeeding Support

I breastfed both of my children and am passionate about helping women to breastfeed. I feel I can help if you decide to breastfeed your own baby.  I have experience of mastitis, cracked nipples and thrush.

I have completed and passed my Mothers Supporters Module with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers in addition to the Advanced Breastfeeding Course that Nurturing Birth offer. 

Before and After

If you would prefer not to have me at your birth but would like both antenatal and postnatal support, this is the package for you. I would provide 4 hours antenatal support where I could help you to write your birth plan or answer any questions you might have about the birth or  anything concerning you.  Then after the baby comes I would provide 15 hours postnatal support.

Night Nanny

I can come to your home in the evening and look after your baby through the night to give you a well earned night off.  Normally hours would be from 9pm - 7am the next day.

Sleep Training

I come to your house for a one off consultation that normally last around two hours.  I am then on hand for unlimited phone support until your baby is in the sleep routine you require.  I leave typed hand outs to help you when I am not there.

Gift Certificate

If you have a family member or a friend who is expecting a baby and you think they would benefit from having doula support, a gift certificate would be a great idea.

Other Information

I am registered with Doula UK (which is a governing body run by Doulas). I am in the process of working towards my recognition status with them. 

I abide by Doula UK’s Philosophy and Code of Practice as well as the Nurturing Birth’s Code of Practice